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Key:Luxury ScreeningSold Out!! Last few TicketsAD/STParent & Baby3D


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Genre: Drama
Director: Patrick McGivney, Robert Higgins
Cast: Danielle Galligan, Éanna Hardwicke, Lorcan Cranitch

Release Date: 05/05/2023
Feature Runtime: 1 hr 40 mins
Trailers: Approx. 20 mins


‘Lakelands’ takes place in a small town in the midlands – the sort of place where Gaelic football is a religion, where identity is defined by what one can do on the pitch. The film tells the story of Cian Reilly, a young Gaelic footballer who struggles to come to terms with a career-ending injury after a violent attack on a night out. At the same time, he begins a friendship with Grace, a nurse who is back in town to look after her ailing father following some time away in London. Cian tries to find meaning in other areas of life, but the pull from the team and pressure from the town is strong. He soon finds himself risking it all by returning to football against doctor’s orders and considering seeking retribution against his assailants. ‘Lakelands’ is a depiction of youth culture in the midlands that we feel hasn’t previously been seen in Irish cinema.

Tue 30th May 2023


Wed 31st May 2023


Thu 1st June 2023