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What are your policies towards the disabled?

Eye wants to ensure that all of its patrons enjoy a truly satisfying cinema experience, and has incorporated a number of features to help the disabled. Please check our Accessibility Statement  for more information.

How do I find out more about a film?

Click on the film title to bring up the film information window.  Here you'll find running time, director, cast and a brief synopsis. Click on the film info link for more information.

How much are the tickets?


ADULT (18+) €7.00 €10.50 €12.00
CHILD (Under 13) €7.00 €9.00 €9.50
TEEN (Under 18) €7.00 €9.00 €9.50
SENIOR 2D (Over 65s) €7.00 €9.00 €9.50
STUDENT 2D (Student ID Req) €6.00 €6.00 €6.00
FAMILY TICKET (2A+2K OR 1A+3K) - €35.00 €35.00
LUXURY SCREEN  n/a n/a n/a


ADULT 3D (18+) €9.00 €12.50 €14.00
CHILD 3D (Under 13) €9.00 €11.00 €11.50
TEEN 3D (Under 18) €9.00 €11.00 €11.50
SENIOR 3D (Over 65s) €9.00 €11.00 €11.50
STUDENT 3D (Student ID Req) €8.00 €8.00 €8.00
FAMILY TICKET (2A+2K OR 1A + 3K) - €39.00 €39.00



Opera, Ballet and Orchestra Prices as follows:



Child (15 & under)

Student (with valid ID)

Family- 2ad/2ch or 1 ad/3ch

Met Opera

Royal Opera









Bolshoi Ballet

Royal Ballet









NT Live

RSC Live









For other Special Events or one-night-only screening (i.e Exhibition on Screen) the following rates will apply:

Adult Ticket: €13          Student Ticket: €9.50          Child Ticket: €9.50

Please note that for some Special Events a different Ticket Rate not listed above may apply due to the Film Company's guidelines. Please check our Event Cinema dedicated page ( to get the correct Ticket Rate for your chosen event.

Student must be Age 18+. Valid 3rd level student I.D. card must be produced at time of ticket purchase/admission.

Adult is 18+ Years.

Family ticket consists of 4 tickets which can be made up of 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children.  

Children are classed as 13 years or under.

Teens are classed as 13 years to 17 years.

Seniors are 65 years and over.



What do the different film classifications mean?

All films are approved for release by the Irish Film Censor, and are classified according to their content. Below is a summary of what the classifications mean.

  • G (General): The film is suitable for everyone, including young children
  • PG (Parental Guidance): Parental guidance is recommended for children under 12 years of age. The film may contain adult themes or concepts that parents may wish to be aware of. If it has a romantic theme, it might have some sexual scenes or very brief nudity. It might also have some violence or mild bad language.
  • 12A: While the film is, in the opinion of the Censor, suitable only for people over 12 years of age, a person under that age may be admitted to see this film if he or she is accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • 15A: While the film is, in the opinion of the Censor, suitable only for people over 15 years of age, a person under that age may be admitted to see this film if he or she is accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • 16: Films classified in this category are considered to be suitable for persons of sixteen or over. Children under this age cannot be admitted to screenings. Violent content and depicition of violence may be stronger than in films designated 15A.
  • Over 18: Only people over the age of 18 may attend a screening of this film. There will be adult themes and there may be explicit scenes of sex or violence. There may also be bad language, including strong sexual swear words.

For more detailed information on film classifications please visit the IFCO Website.

Why can’t I book more than a week in advance?

We book our films a week in advance to ensure that we are showing the most up to date films, and those films that our customers want to see.

Larger film releases and some of our Arthouse movies are booked further in advance, and these can be booked earlier as a result.

Do I get a reserved seat?

We do not offer reserved seating, although all of our screens feature stadium seating, with uninterrupted views from all seats. If you would like to sit in a particular area of the theatre, please remember to turn up in good time!

When do you send out the weekly film times email?

The weekly film schedule is sent on Wednesday's.

What happens once I've booked?

We confirm on line bookings in two ways. On finalising the booking you will see the “Thank You” page, which confirms details of tickets booked, and explains how to pick up the tickets.

An email is subsequently sent to the address provided confirming these details again. Tickets can then be collected from the cinema, either at any till, or through the automated ticket machines. Please remember that you will need the credit/debit card used for the purchase to collect your tickets.

Will you post my tickets to me?

No, tickets must be collected from the cinema, using the credit/debit card used to book the tickets.

Why haven't I received an email confirming my booking?

We confirm on line bookings in two ways, through the confirmation page after booking is complete, and through a subsequent email.

Occasionally you may not receive a confirmation email and this may be due to a number of factors (including a mistyped email address, email spam filters intercepting the email and technical problems). Rest assured that the confirmation page viewed at the conclusion of the booking process indicates that the booking has been successfully placed.

Can I buy a monthly/annual pass?

No, sorry we are not currently offering a monthly or annual pass to the cinema.

Can I take a baby into the cinema?

Customers can take babies and small children into the cinema, but please note that age restrictions still apply so babies will only be admitted to U, PG,12a and 15a films. Please note that admittance is always at the manager's discretion and that you may be asked to leave if the child causes a disturbance.

Why do you charge a booking fee?

The charging of a booking fee when pre-booking tickets is fairly standard within the leisure industry (for example when booking concert or theatre tickets), and represents a premium for the convenience of knowing that you have reserved tickets for a particular showing.