Eye Cinema

Ticket Prices

2D Movies

Ticket Type9AM-12PM12PM-5PM5PM-12AM
Adult (18+)€7.00€11.00€12.00
Child (Under 13)€7.00€9.00€9.50
Teen (13-17 years)€7.00€9.00€9.50
Senior (Over 65s)€7.00€9.00€9.50
Student (Student ID Req.)€7.00€7.00€7.00
Family Ticket (2A+2K or 1A+3K)-€35.00€35.00
Ruby Tuesday Student Deal€6.00€6.00€6.00
Wednesday Madness Ticket€7.50€7.50€7.50
Wednesday Madness Luxury*€13.50€13.50€13.50
Luxury Screen*€14€14€14

3D Movies

Ticket Type9AM-12PM12PM-5PM5PM-12AM
Adult (18+)€9.00€12.50€14.00
Child (Under 13)€9.00€11.00€11.50
Teen (13-17 years)€9.00€11.00€11.50
Senior (Over 65s)€9.00€11.00€11.50
Student (Student ID Req.)€8.00€8.00€8.00
Family Ticket (2A+2K or 1A+3K)-€39.00€39.00
Ruby Tuesday Student Deal€7.00€7.00€7.00

Opera, Ballet and Orchestra Screenings

Met Opera€25.00€12.50€12.50€60.00
Royal Opera€17.50€10.00n/an/a
Bolshoi Ballet€20.00€10.00€10.00€50.00
Royal Ballet€17.50€10.00n/an/a
NT Live€15.00€9.50€9.50€38.00
RSC Live€20.00€10.00€10.00€50.00

For other Special Events or one-night-only screening (i.e Exhibition on Screen) the following rates will apply:

Adult Ticket: €13          Student Ticket: €9.50          Child Ticket: €9.50


Please note that for some Special Events a different Ticket Rate not listed above may apply due to the Film Company's guidelines. Please check our Event Cinema dedicated page to get the correct Ticket Rate for your chosen event. 

Please note that Electronic Corporate Passes will not cover for any Premium Screening (3D, Luxury Screen, Event Cinema) and full ticket rates will incur for those shows.

*Please note that our Luxury Screen is not Wheelchair Accessible.

Student must be Age 18+. Valid 3rd level student I.D. card must be produced at time of ticket purchase/admission.

Adult is 18+ Years.

Family ticket consists of 4 tickets which can be made up of 2 adults and 2 children/teens or 1 adult and 3 children/teens.  

Children are classed as 13 years or under.

Teens are classed as 13 years to 17 years.

Seniors are 65 years and over.

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